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Yacht Chartering

Chartering a yacht is without doubt the ultimate holiday. Click Here for more details

From the pampered environment of a private charter yacht and in the hands of a professional crew, Chartering a yacht is the best way to relax and enjoy the hedonistic lifestyle and a holiday on the mystic Indian coast, that only a yacht can provide.

Fine dining provided by the carefully selected chef with your chosen drinks & wines. Swimming, water skiing, riding the wave runners – a yachting holiday can be as active or relaxing as you choose. Sight-see, enjoy busting harbors or secluded anchorages – there is something for everyone. Laze away the days with a book in the company of your selected friends – or much more – your imagination is the only limit!

There are many different ways that a person can go on a holiday. A yacht charter can help to provide you with lots of different options to provide your vacation needs with crew who are knowledgeable about the waters then start your voyage into the unknown mystic Indian coastline in total relaxation.

Most yacht charter trips will be short haul trips rather than across large expanses of water.  You will find that the yachts that which are used for a yacht charter are for the most part quite luxurious. In these yachts you will find various amenities which can make a sailing trip very relaxing. Therefore while there are lots of other ways of taking a vacation you might want to try out a yachting trip.

The many different yacht charters that you will find are perfect for this. There is nothing more relaxing than to float on the sea or ocean waters and watch the sun set. No cares or worries about tomorrow to be found in a yacht charter. As you see a yacht charter is the perfect medium for the various people who want to enjoy a relaxing holiday. This sort of holiday will also open many new sights which can be hidden from you when you go on holiday in the normal way. All in all there is nothing more satisfying than to go on a holiday where the only responsibility that you have is to state where you want to go next.

Cruising the West Coast of India.

Mumbai or Bombay has one of the world's greatest natural harbors, and a broad, sheltered bay is located between the city and the mainland. An island located on India's central-west coast along the Arabian Sea, This sprawling city of nearly 18 million is the industrial hub of India, and responsible for half of India's foreign trade. Many are surprised, however, to find the Victorian cityscape more reminiscent of a 19th-century English industrial city than what you'd expect to find on the edge of the Arabian Sea. Mumbai has a bustling street life, more bazaars than you could ever explore, and India's best nightlife. The main part of the city is concentrated at the southern claw-shaped end of the island, and has art galleries, museums, amusement parks and family entertainment centers.

Goa has been called "the French Riviera and the Greek Islands, all wrapped in one." This tranquil beach paradise is located on the west coast of India. It has a reputation for being relaxed, friendly and bohemian in nature, a tiny emerald piece of land famous for its architecture, feasts, festivals and natural scenic beauty. Long stretches of golden beaches and azure skies greet you in Goa, where whitewashed chapels dot the landscape around the sleepy villages and rice fields. It is a place to relax and unwind, where the food is excellent and yachting, water skiing, windsurfing, fishing and canoeing are all popular sports.

Diving isn't the best here due to poor visibility of around 4 to 12 meters, but snorkeling is much better and there is an amazing amount of marine life and hard coral in the waters off Goa. The beaches of Goa are amazing; among them is Calangute, the most popular among tourists, Vagator Beach is the most photographed beach in India, Anjuna is surrounded by coconut palms and is well known for its flea market, and lazy Colva Beach has swaying palm trees and silvery white sand. Goa has everything for a great yachting vacation - mild year round climate, sun, sand and sea, and a unique, timeless charm.

Why not explore the islands, beaches and bays of the Konkan coast with us in luxury. You can visit the known beaches like Arambol, Morjim/ Ashwem, and Baga in the North, and Cavelossim, Mobor, Agonda and Palolem in the South. Or let us show you our secret beaches and favorite spots that you can only access from the blue

On board RIBs to go faster than the wind or enjoy the water sports that we offer, including Jetski, tubing and wakeboarding or waterskiing. Reel in a fish or two and let us grill it for you and indeed for the entire complement on board. It's better than being on a cruise ship, too. That's because it gives you the best of both, plus a whole lot more. It's affordable as you want it to be, it's not complicated, you don't have to know anything about boats - and, most important, it's a whole lot of fun!

Whats it like
It's like combining the best features of a cruise ship and a luxury resort. You'll travel to a different, unspoiled destination each day with a degree of pampering and personal attention you may not have experienced before. Say good-bye to crowds, waiting in lines, and preset itineraries. This is your own private yacht, with a variety of amenities and water sports to enjoy at will, and a launch to take you ashore whenever you please. Or day charter her for friends or a corporate event and you will create a day or night to remember.

Cruising the Andaman Islands

Administered by India, the 300 or so Andaman Islands are the highest peaks of a submerged mountain range that stretches from Sumatra in the south to the Irawaddy delta in the north. The Andaman Islands have everything you could desire from an adventurous eco-tourism charter destination. There are literally hundreds of deserted islands to explore, each one seemingly more spectacular than the last. The beaches are magnificently pristine. The snorkeling and scuba diving is amongst the best in the world with an almost untouched marine ecosystem. There is a live volcano, thousands of square miles of untouched jungle, exotic and thriving wildlife and primitive hunter-gatherer tribes. The fishing (catch & release) is probably the best in the world. The Andamans is also starting to develop a superb reputation as a frontier surfing destination where the reef breaks have never been surfed before.

Sitting astride the ancient monsoon trade routes between China and India, the Andaman Islands first appeared in our historical records during the 2nd Century BC. From the earliest recorded times the Andamans were infamous for the ferocious, cannibalistic pygmies who inhabited the islands.

Bizarrely the inhabitant’s themselves led to the islands being named the “Andaman” Islands. The small stature of the pygmies and their tradition of wearing trailing grass skirts that resembled a monkey’s tail led to the belief in surrounding countries that these islands were inhabited by devotees of the Hindu monkey god “Handuman”. This resulted in the people being known as the “Handuman people” which ultimately gave rise to the name “Andaman Islands”.

With the Andaman Islands’ strategic position  directly across the major monsoon trade routes in the Bay of Bengal and with an abundance of fresh water and wildlife, it is very surprising that the Andaman Islands were not colonized or settled in ancient times by India, China or Siam.

This island is roughly circular with a diameter of only 4 miles. Completely surrounded by fringing coral reef and deep ocean. A UNDP sponsored scientific survey of the surrounding coral reefs. During this survey 3 new species of coral were discovered in a survey that encompassed hundreds of miles of pristine reef and a unique and intact underwater ecosystem. Clearly there was much to protect. The Andamans was duly declared a World Heritage Site in 2002.

The Andaman Islands are difficult to get to, which keeps them well off the tourist trail. There are only 2 flights per day (one from Kolkota and one from Chennai on the Indian mainland) into Port Blair which is the administrative centre for the islands.

Port Blair is a quaint, colonial, Indian town that looks like it has been dragged from the 1930s into the 21st Century. Three-wheeler auto rickshaws weave between the more sedate “Lincoln Ambassador” taxis, surrounded by the constant cacophony of sounds and colors of a busy Indian market town. An Indian policeman dressed in khaki uniform and a white pith helmet stands at each road intersection, somehow managing the seemingly suicidal task of directing the traffic. Holy cows, beautifully attired with jewellery and painted horns, stroll unconcernedly along the streets ignoring both the traffic and the policemen.

Tourism is very much in its infancy in the Andaman Islands. There are only a tiny handful of yachts that offer charters in this incredibly remote area. With almost no tourists and hardly any fishing fleet we have on occasion spent up to a month in the Andamans without ever seeing another boat or person. This is a truly unique charter destination for adventurous people who really want to escape from the modern world for a while.

The Andaman Islands have never been commercially fished. As a result the fish life is truly incredible. As the fish in this area generally die of old age rather than being caught, they grow to a remarkable size. It is quite a strange feeling to be regularly swimming with fish that are much larger than you.

There are no superlatives to describe the fishing in this area. During a recent trip to the Andamans we went fishing on most days from our dinghy.

Of all the islands in the Andamans the remote volcano islands of Barren and Narcondum are unique. Located about 100 miles to the east of the main Andaman Islands, these volcanic islands rise almost vertically from ocean depths of more than 2000m. Narcondum is a long-extinct volcano. Barren is very much live with spectacular lava flows into the sea. Diving and snorkeling around these islands is an unforgettable experience. At Barren island, the underwater landscape has a backdrop of black volcanic ash. Against this matte black background the normally vibrant colors of the coral and reef fish seem almost psychedelic.

It is essential to plan to visit the Andamans between December and May. December to the end of February is the best time for sailing in the Andamans with warm, sunny conditions and a reliable 20 knots of wind. March and April have little wind and are the best months for diving and snorkeling - this is also the time of year when the migratory whales visit the Andamans. April is the best month for surfing with large swell from the south-west that gives spectacular breaks along the west coast.

From May to December the Andamans is effectively closed with strong winds, very rough sea conditions and continuous torrential rain.

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